XC Skiing

Although I cross country skied when I lived in Pennsylvania, the inconsistent winters didn't allow for great conditions too often. When I lived in Maine, snow covered the ground December through April most years. I started hitting the trails regularly on cross country skis.  I can cover greater distance on skis and visit areas that are normally impassable in summer due to boggy conditions. Maine offered excellent opportunities for cross country skiing. Among my favorite destinations in Maine to ski were the AMC trail system near Moosehead Lake, Acadia National Park, the Maine Huts and Trails system, and lightly traveled snowmobile trails close to my home.

Cross Country Skiing in Acadia National Park

After leaving Maine, I headed to Colorado for five years. With a better climate and more diverse terrain, I focused on other activities in Colorado and cross country skied less frequently. I managed a handful of outings each winter, but not as much as in Maine.

Fresh tracks in Colorado's Sangre de Cristo
Range with the Twin Sisters in view

Now living in the Adirondacks, winter holds its grip more consistently and I ski more frequently.  On any given day I can make a quick outing a few minutes from home. My first winter in the Adirondacks, I put more miles on my skis than my five years in Colorado.

Fresh tracks in untouched Adirondack snow

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