I started out canoeing as a kid until Puma took me kayaking on Lake Erie.  Not much later I bought my first kayak and have enjoyed it ever since.  When the waters thaw in spring I start paddling, mostly with Puma.  While living in Maine there was an abundance of paddling opportunities and we locally paddled the Piscataquis River when it is flowing high enough, Moosehead Lake (Maine's Largest), and Sebec Lake to name a few spots.

Paddling towards Mt Kineo on Moosehead Lake

Paddling down Penobscot River

I left Maine for Colorado which offered very limited flatwater paddling.  After five years in Colorado, I returned to the east in the middle of the Adriondacks.  The Adirondacks are a paddlers paradise and I hit the water at least 15 times my first summer there.  I look forward to many more water adventures while I'm in the Adriondacks.

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